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Expert Brokerage Services

  • Reach the world's top collectors
  • Rely on expert knowledge of the current collectible market
  • Save time & money
  • No chargeback risks

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Always Buying Vintage Toys

  • Cash on hand for purchasing
  • World's largest pool of want lists
  • Focus on rare/high grade items packaged & prototypes
  • No collection too large

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Trusted Escrow Services

  • Buyer & Seller agree to terms
  • Buyer pays CIB Escrow
  • Seller ships items & Buyer (or CIB) confirms receipt
  • CIB pays Seller

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#1 Authority on Authenticity

  • World's most respected COAs
  • Unmatched range of knowledge
  • Vast private database of rarities & pre-production items
  • Leader in research

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Top of the line SEO

The default Magento themes don't do a very good SEO job. In fact it's pretty bad! Most premium themes that claim to be SEO friendly may have changed a thing or two here and there but it still very far from Ultimento's in-depth Search Engine Optimization! Every single page has been analyzed and coded from scratch to make sure your store has everything it needs to appear on top of Search Engine results!

  • Unique tagging strategy for all store pages (h1, h2, h3, h4) - Home, CMS pages, all catalog pages, etc...
  • Body of content on the home page - not only increases user retention by more than 15% but is an absolute must for good Search Engine Optimization.
  • Footer tabs for added internal linking to your Magento store pages.

Ultimento is programmed using the latest techniques to improve your Search Engine Ranking and make your Magento site visible to the world!

Optimized for conversions

Ultimento is designed to increase user retention and boost your conversion rates. Based on the most up to date research, Ultimento will transform your Magento site into a powerfull selling machine!

Lightning fast

Ultimento is the fastest Magento eCommerce template out there! Unlike most other Magento templates and extensions, Ultimento's plugins are all custom coded and use Magento's built in libraries (rather than adding new libraries which slows down the site) and follow Magento's best programming practices.

Ultimento also includes industry leading speed optimization techniques such as:

  • Extensive CSS sprites (images are combined and compressed)
  • All CSS and JS files are combined and compressed
  • Clean code optimized for load speed

Smooth slide

Ultimento has a very usefull feature built-in: a smooth slide that can be used throughout your store to enhanve your site!

  • "Read More" on the product page slides down to the product description.
  • The stars at the top of the product page slide down to the product reviews without opening a new page.
  • "Back to top" in the footer on all pages allows to easily go back to the top.
  • Clicking on a question on the FAQ page slides down to the answer.
  • And anywhere else you'd like to put it!

Home page slider

Friendly slider on the home page - Flash and JavaScript verions included.

Product reviews

Unlike Magento's default behavior, product reviews are located right on the product pages, increasing conversions by more than 20%!

Lightbox gallery

Product images open up in a smooth lightbox rather than opening in new windows, enhancing the user experience on the product pages

"Tweet this" module

Get your visitors to promote your products on Twitter!

Popup preview

Large images pop up when mousing over the product thumbnails on the category pages.

Just upload popup images in the back-end and this extension will work with images of any size and position itself in the best possible way based on the user's window size. You can use the product's base image for example, or use a new image to best showcase your catalog and increase conversions by more than 30%.

FREE updates and upgrades

We continuously improve Ultimento - adding new features, optimizing it even further, and making sure it remains at the top of the Ecommerce industry.

You get FREE updates and upgrades for life! So when you get Ultimento today, you're investing in your store's future and making sure your Magento eCommerce will remain at the top of the industry.

Versatile design

Ultimento has a versatile design that's great for any industry. And we've made it easy to customize and change to fit your specific needs.

As of today, Ultimento comes out-of-the-box with 3 color variations and we're working on releasing more variations in a matter of days.

Enhanced user interface

Unified toolbar, optimized list and grid view, and more for easier navigation and enhanced UI.

Pre-loaded with content

Ultimento comes fully loaded with all the content you see on the live demo! Making it easy for you to setup your Magento store.